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Twin Houses

Location: Kingston-upon-Thames

Client: Q Developments

Architect: Gustav Ader for Terry Pawson Architects

Status: Completed

Two new interlocking houses each with its own central courtyard have been carefully sited around a number of mature trees already on the site, creating a carefully designed composition within the verdant character of the area.

Internally the houses are designed with the ground floor mainly for family life and entertainment, private bedrooms on the first floor and the leisure areas and guest bedrooms in the lower ground floor facing out to the courtyard at its core.

JB20120625_ 274 copy.jpg

“We find the concept, to insert two brilliantly conceived modernist houses into mature landscape adds something to the character of diverse building styles and different appeals found in the Conservation Area. We thought the proposal suggests a site spacing hierarchy that both retains the feeling of spaciousness in the area and within the site around the houses. We feel the buildings have a coherence and elegance that route deeply into the landscape and enhances the character of the Conservation Area. We see no ill, aesthic effect on the neighbouring houses, nor any overlooking issue.”

Kingston Design Review Panel

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